Opera and the Musical Canon, 1750-1815

Foyer of Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin. Photo by Paul Doerwald.

Opera’s Canonic Entanglements

International Conference at Český Krumlov

20-24 June 2017


Conference Program

Tuesday 20 June 2017


Opening Remarks: Estelle Joubert/Austin Glatthorn/Peter Perina


Keynote Address: Martin Nedbal (University of Kansas): ‘The Politics of Operatic Autonomy: Don Giovanni at Prague’s Estates Theatre, 1787-1887’

Wednesday 21 June 2017


Canonic Endeavours in Warsaw and Berlin

Anna Parkitna (Stony Brook University): ‘Emergent Traditions: Operatic Rivalry, Adaptations and the Creation of a Standard Repertoire in Warsaw’

Eric Schneeman (University of Texas at San Antonio): ‘Berlin, Museums, and the Operatic Canon’


Rethinking Current Paradigms of the Work Concept

Matthew Head (King’s College London): ‘The Ideology of Twin Styles’

Katharina Clausius (University of Cambridge): ‘Imagi(ni)ng Tragedy’

Thursday 22 June 2017


Die Geisterinsel’s Engagements with the Work Concept

Adeline Mueller (Mount Holyoke College): ‘“Strange Bed-fellows”: Caliban, The Tempest, and the Reciprocal Canonization of Shakespeare and Singspiel in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany’

Adrian Kuhl (Goethe- Universität Frankfurt): ‘Trying New Concepts? Ideas of Musical Autonomy and the Work Concept in Die Geisterinsel


Dance and Melodrama

Elizabeth Rouget (University of Toronto): ‘Ballet and Opera in Partnership: Jean-Georges Noverre and Niccolo Jommelli at the Württemberg Court, 1760-1767’

Austin Glatthorn (Dalhousie University): ‘“It’s the newest fashion”: German Melodrama, c.1780’

Friday 23 June 2017


Beyond Criticism

Andrea Horz (University of Vienna): ‘Judging Between Event and Work: Effekt (Wirkung) as a Category in German Operatic Criticism between 1765 and 1800’

Estelle Joubert (Dalhousie University): ‘Toward a Material History of the Work Concept’


‘Baroque Night’